Research Trial

MumMoodBooster is an evidence-based treatment

MumMoodBooster is designed to help women recover from postnatal depression. We are continually improving our treatment program.

MumMoodBooster gives you:

  • access to six online sessions that can be personalized to fit your situation
  • access to an online library and optional partner support website
  • You will be asked to complete online questionnaires

Our Mum2BMoodBooster program is now also available and aims to help pregnant women recover from depression.

One experience of depression

Watch this video about how one mother describes her experience of depression.

"I didn’t realise that feeling tired, frustrated, tearful and overwhelmed were the signs and symptoms of depression. I just thought I was not coping. Since getting some help I recognise these can be part of depression. Now I look at things differently and I feel I will be the mum and partner I want to be."

This program has been developed by an international team at the Parent-Infant Research Institute (Australia) and the Oregon Research Institute (United States).

Oregon Reasearch Institute